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“Perhaps a MANIAC was simply a minority of one”


MANIAC released debut album “Memories. Scattered and Apart” in 2010 and performed as opening act of Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Crossfaith.


They formed by five local Hong Kongers since 2004, they grew when the city is still a British colony, were been through the golden age of British Rock, classic and modern metal as well as Japanese Rock. These influences and inconsistence music perceptions of members evolved a complex music expression of the band.


Mono (Japan), Envy (Japan), 65daysofstatic and other post-rock bands deeply influenced them to use a lot of reverb effects on overdrive and clean tone guitar main melody lines, perhaps this is why audience describe MANIAC as a post-hardcore genre with moody and depressive sound.


MANIAC released their 2nd full length album “The Sailors on A Sinking Boat” on Nov 2017 which mixed by Alex Newport and mastered by Ted Jensen from Sterling Sound.





Maniac於2010年推出首張專輯《記憶. 凌亂散落》後為Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Crossfaith 作開場演出。






Mono (Japan), Envy (Japan), 65daysofstatic 等Post-Rock樂隊深遠影響了他們常以大量Reverb 效果投入Overdrive 和 Clean tone 結他的主軸旋律,或許這是為何聽眾經常形容MANIAC是一隊帶鬱結憂傷感味道的Post-Hardcore樂隊的因由。


MANIAC將於2017年推出第二張大碟, 由格林美提名mixer Alex Newport (At the Drive in, Bloc Party, Death Cap for Cutie) 和 格林美得獎mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Muse, Deftones, Bring Me the Horizon,  Underoath) 參與製作。